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Greetings!  I’m Tony, the grease trap man with a plan….and a few grease guzzling pump trucks!

I’m a happy Seattle resident that makes an honest living cleaning and pumping out grease traps all over the Seattle area.  I’ve been doing this for over 15 years, so I’ve “seen it all and done it all” when it comes to servicing grease traps in the Emerald City.

But enough about me, your grease trap needs to be serviced.

Call if you need fast and affordable grease trap services at your establishment for anything involving grease trap cleaning, trap pumping, trap compliances, non-compliances, sizing your unit, inspecting your grease trap system, foul odors, trap plumbing, used fryer oil recycling, regular grease trap servicing, emergency trap pumping……you get the point here.  Our crews can handle any grease trap issue.

We’re guilty of excellent customer service, honesty, and having the best prices.  Seattle, King and Pierce Counties, are the areas we can service the fastest.

Call for a free quote or if you have a question, we’d be happy to help you and tell you what we know.  Always trust a professional and reliable technician to service you.


Go Seahawks!!

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Services We Offer:

We take a large, engine-powered pump and use moving air to ensure the tank is left completely empty.

Grease traps need to be cleaned regularly. Get it clean by a professional.

We can offer a pre-emptive maintenance and cleaning schedule based on the trap installed.

Need grease interceptor pumping service? No problem! We spent well over five years dealing with the ins and outs of grease pumping and disposal. Just call us!

Clogging and overflows? We will be able to provide you with a more accurate schedule. Call us for a quick inspection. 

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Protect your Rep with a Reliable Team: Houston, TX Grease Trap & Interceptor Services

In the fast-paced food business, it often seems like getting an immediate smile from the customer is the end-all and be-all of our brand. However, the truth is that our responsibility toward our clients does not end when the plate is served or the bill is paid. Protecting our customer’s health is not just a matter of keeping our license, but one of our more important responsibilities

Grease traps and interceptors play a huge role in this. Even if they are not as visible as your restrooms or dishwasher, they are actually one of the most important aspects to food sanitation. This is why their installation and maintenance is a task worthy of an experienced and reliable team, one that will bring added value back into your business and that can perform their tasks quickly and thoroughly.

At Houston Grease & Trap Interceptor Services, we take pride in providing a detail-oriented and prompt service. Preventing blockages and overflows in your grease traps is not just our living; it’s our contribution to your business credentials and to the general health of our beloved Houston.

We have developed a wide range of services and offer cost-effective and green-friendly methods to ensure your grease traps are always up to the task.

What Makes Us Different?

In a city with thousands of restaurants and fast food joints, grease trap cleaners are easy to come by. However, we have made it our mission to go the extra mile. This is our philosophy:

Reliability and Accountability are Key

Both our company and yours are in the business of transparency. For us, it may simply be out prestige in line – for you, it can mean your very livelihood.

Your success depends on servicemen who can show up when they say they will, who can do everything right once they arrive, and who can prove it after they leave.

Pumping grease out of your interceptors may mean you need to be closed for the morning, but you can rest assured we will keep that inconvenience at a minimum.

Are you worried about the rights to your franchise? Do you need to prove to the City that you are doing everything right? A paper trail is important nowadays, which is why we provide easily-accessible records and certified reports for all the services we provide.

Our reputation lies in years on experience and long-standing alliances with our customers. This is why we always ensure we provide you with a thorough, yet reasonable grease trap maintenance schedule that is tailored to your business’ needs.

Certified and Insured Services and Technicians

Keeping a business afloat and successful is all about risk management. When you call any contractor onto your premises, you have a right to expect no mishaps or hidden costs.

While accidents can never be fully avoided, at Houston Grease Trap & Interceptor Services, we understand that you should not be stuck with their consequences:

· Our workers are all trained, licensed, and fully insured.

· Our supplies all come straight from the manufacturer or from authorized distributors, so we can always track everything back to its source.

· We stand behind our jobs and workers alike; all our installation and maintenance services come with a warranty.

Our Services

Our focus is commercial grease trap and interceptors, and we can install new ones or maintain old ones alike. We aim to be Houston’s most prestigious one-stop-shop in the niche, which is why we always keep an eye out for additional services and flexible offers. If you have any special needs or unique requests, you can trust us to be able to figure it out.

Our most common services include:

Grease Trap Cleaning

As a routine restaurant maintenance task, this is and probably always will be the core of our business. While we know there is room for many and more cleaning services in Houston, we are still eager to offer a bit more:

· Our goal is to help you, not to be a nuisance. If your kitchen layout offers any way to clean or disinfect a grease trap with minimal disruption, we’ll find it.

· We care about the environment on principle and with our pockets. Most of the grease and grout we extract can be repurposed for a variety of uses, from fuel or electricity generation to soil improvements. This way, we don’t just help out build a more sustainable city, but we give you access to the tax credits and City benefits offered by certified green initiatives.

· We have first-row access to specialized facilities that can dispose of toxic and non-recyclable waste

· We record, sign, and stamp all our services

Grease Trap Maintenance Programs

For any routine maintenance task, the gold standard is always to automate everything as much as possible. Grease trump pumping will always need human intervention, but wouldn’t you like to be able to delegate all the worries attached to it?

Our Maintenance Program service take a good, hard look at your business, from the site’s blueprints to the type and amount of food you serve, and provide you with a customized maintenance schedule. This way, we can keep both grease trap and interceptor tank always working at top efficiency.

Our customized schedules are meant to hit the exact point where good price meets exacting standards – no more, no less.

We will ensure your business meets all the related local regulations and standards; whether it’s expanding your tank, pumping it, or giving it a high-pressure cleaning, we will make sure your interceptor causes no trouble for the local inspector.

Our special Concierge Trap Cleaning Service will allow you to completely let go of any greasy or oily drain worries. We can schedule, empty, renew, maintain, and maintain your facility at regular intervals, and then, we’ll submit all paperwork and studied on your behalf. Cross that task of your list!

Grease Trap and Interceptor Installations

Why do some restaurants need to shut down the whole day to pump their interceptors while other only need someone to share space with for an hour? A lot has to do with your existing layout. For new businesses, a smart design can mean tens of thousands of dollars in savings down the road.

Sometimes, the best opportunity to ensure your kitchen runs smoothly for years to come is to do things right from the very start. Our installation services draw from years of well-cultivated contacts and thorough experience, and are aimed at offering fool-proof, easy-to-clean grease traps for new or refurbished businesses.

· Is your lease coming with pre-existing installations? We can provide you with the deep cleaning that the last owner never did, or improve on the existing installation to make sure it works seamlessly.

· Are you building from scratch? Let us take a look at the area and available space. There may be no need for you to devote all your underground space for a massive interceptor tank, or it may be exactly what your business needs to work 24/7.

· Our design consultants can help you pick materials and manufacturers that offer the best value, the most extensive warranties.

· Why do some restaurants need to shut down the whole day to pump their interceptors while other only need someone to share space with for an hour? A lot has to do with your existing layout. For new businesses, a smart design can mean tens of thousands of dollars in savings down the road.

The Houston Difference: Why Us?

When we first set out to build this company, our vision was to simply provide a comprehensive and reliable service for restaurants and food operators in the area. After several years of painstaking practice, we can now safely say that our mission is to ensure the Houston food industry becomes the cleanest, smoother, and most sustainable one in the region.

In order to make this come true, we have developed a unique offer that provides our client with noticeable advantages:

· Flexible services and schedules. One-time emergencies and deluxe plans are all equally important for us. This is why we are willing to go around your hours of operation to ensure everything is taken care of with minimum disruption.

· Fast and agile service, before and after the sale. Emergencies ought to be answered quickly, but long-standing appointments should never have to wait either. We value your time as much as ours, and we behave accordingly.

· Plans, schedules, and bundle deals. Do you have multiple locations? Are you planning to flip businesses or are preparing for a high-traffic event? Do you run a food court with a dozen suppliers to please? We can design a customized bundle deal that provides you with fewer unknowns and bigger savings.

· City and Health Department Assistance. Navigating government paperwork is never easy. Our Concierge service can help you keep track of all your certificates, manifest forms, and deadlines. We can submit them for you completely or just give you a leg up if you don’t know which office to go to.

Why Are Clean Grease Trap and Interceptors Important?

We get it – this is the first kitchen you are responsible for. In between pot washing, refrigeration standards, and routine staff rotations, grease traps and interceptors can be easy to overlook. They rarely provide any sort of first impression, hidden away as they are. Your customers never think of them, most of your staff rarely remembers them, so are they so fundamental for licensing and hygiene?

Clogged, unkempt, and contaminated grease traps can become a silent restaurant killer if left to fester.

1. Clogged and overflowing interceptor tanks are a kitchen-wide emergency. From the moment they occur to the second they are finally fully clean, you may not be legally able to operate – so every second will be a dollar lost!

2. Rancid smells don’t have to be visible. Our grease trap routinely traps grout, oil and fatty solids, preventing them from reaching the water and sewage system. This means that if left there, they will slowly a nice, warm, and humid environment for bacteria and smells to grow. No matter how much you mop the restrooms, your clients are bound to notice!

3. The City Health Office takes water seriously, and grease traps are the last line of defense for the city’s sewage system. Any overflows can be met with swift retribution and steep fines.

What do Grease Trap Need?

If only it were a matter of pouring some bleach down the drain! Grease traps play a fundamental role in kitchen sanitation, but this also makes their maintenance into complicated business.

Their proper maintenance and disinfection requires experienced technicians and specialized supplies – especially if you want to be able to meet all the lawful requirements! The specifics may vary depending on the size of your kitchen, the layout, and the type of food you serve. Roughly, they nearly always require three basic steps.

Measurement and Assessment

The first time, we will need to check the size of the trap and of the attached tank. We will also take a look at how full is it; even if it’s not overflowing yet, it’s important to check how much leeway we’ll have when operating the pumps. We will also take some dipstick samples for the lab: this will rule out potential infestations and will let us know the exact contents (the percentage of oils, solids, grease, etc.) of the tank.


All pumps are basically an engine with a hose. However, operating one without spilling anything and without being able to see inside the tank requires practice! One of our licensed technicians will pump out the contents of the tank completely, separate them, and send them to their final disposal site (whether it’s the recycling station or the chemical plant).


After the tank is finally empty, we will use high-pressurized water and environmentally-friendly disinfectants to ensure all surfaces are left perfectly clean. This will also help prevents future clogging and spills.

Contact Us

So, how do you get in contact with Houston Grease Trap & Interceptors Service? Either call 713-804-8090 or feel free to fill out the contact form below. We provide business owners and kitchen managers from all over Houston, Texas with free quotes and no-strings-attached advice.


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